Running Fedora 36 on a Lenovo Ideapad 15

Written by Wouter van der Wal, 5 days ago

Lately, I've switched my operating system from Windows 11 to Fedora 36 to see what things I would be missing out on Linux, spoiler not much.

A picture of a Fedora 36 desktop with the about page visible.

Setting up GNOME

The first couple of days I spend setting up my desktop exactly the way I want it, these are some of the extensions I use:

Then there were a couple of things I really need to get working, those are a connection to my phone and a way to change the custom settings of a Lenovo device. Both things were easily fixed with a couple of extensions GSConnect and ideapad mode.

Secure boot

It wasn't all smooth sailing, I ran into some problems regarding Secure Boot and custom kernel modules. But VMware has documentation about how to sign your own modules and get them to work with Secure Boot, you can read more about that here.

Other notes

All the games that I wanted to play were installed without any problems thanks to Steam and Lutris. And all the other programs I use can be installed with the help of Flatpaks.